mardi 29 mai 2012

My weird sound generator

I present my wsg without the final box. This machine is amazing. The construction is easy and the sound is very space. I will do other demo with a delay pedal.
See you.

dimanche 6 mai 2012

Rate Reducer

Hello, I work actually in a rate reducer with a pre amp.
The construction is in progress.
The final realisation come very soon

See you.

mardi 24 avril 2012


This is my personal version of the famous Ugly face.
The principe of this effect is to pass the sound through a square oscillator. The pedal propose  5 control: the frequency of the oscillator, the threshold, the sensitivity for control how the input modulate the oscillator frequency, the blend control and the volume output.
This effect create a kind 8 bit sound.

The price is 70 euros and 90 with a lfo.

See you.

lundi 23 avril 2012

T.M.K. prototype

I have the pleasure to present my Too Many Knobs prototype. 
The circuit original  was designed by TimEscobedo, you can find here
I constructed this pedal too fast, so i don't remember the assignation of pot (just the right top for the volume and the middle top for the crossover distortion).
This distortion have got many possiblity of sound and I will make other demo video (with guitar).
If you are intestered in this pedal, i can make one for you for a approximative price of 60/80 euros. 

To be continued...


This little noise box is based on 2 square oscillators with 2 control by oscillator: one for the tone and a other to adjust the duty cycle.
You can switch between 2 mode, a drone mode with constant sound and a push it mode with release via the button on the left side.
The pot on the right side is use for degrade the voltage input, it can create very space effect on the release of the sound.
This box run with battery or with  Dc 9v adaptator.
The price is 50 euros.